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Summary Description: We are seeking an innovative and passionate educator to lead our marketing efforts in the USA. As the Marketing Lead, you will be responsible for elevating our brand recognition through social media engagement, nurturing teacher ambassadors, and connecting with educators and students. Your role will involve collaborating with the broader marketing team to implement omnichannel marketing campaigns and drive referrals, sign-ups, and conversions. Compensation and Benefits: - Competitive salary commensurate with experience - Flexible remote work arrangements - Continuous Professional Development opportunities - Supportive and inclusive work culture Why You Should Apply for this Position Today: - Opportunity to make a significant impact in the education sector - Joining a company that is dedicated to transforming lives through education - Access to a vast collection of top-tier educational resources - Ability to collaborate with a global team of educators and marketers - Exciting prospects for career growth and development Skills: - Teaching degree and certification (K-12) - Minimum of 2 years of experience in a public school setting - Proficiency in social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and LinkedIn - Strong background in marketing - Excellent written and verbal communication skills - Effective people management and leadership abilities - Tech-savvy and up-to-date with digital marketing trends - Strategic thinker with a willingness to take calculated risks Responsibilities: - Manage and develop the teacher ambassador program - Cultivate local brand partnerships and collaborations - Create and execute engaging social media campaigns - Drive growth in referrals, sign-ups, and conversions - Lead and support the marketing team - Showcase the benefits of our platform through marketing efforts Qualifications: - Valid teaching degree and certification (K-12) - Minimum of 2 years of experience in a public school setting - Proficiency in social media platforms - Background in marketing - Strong written and verbal communication skills - People management and leadership abilities - Tech proficiency and willingness to adapt to new technologies Similar Occupations / Job Titles that would be a great fit for this role: - Education Marketing Manager - Educational Outreach Coordinator - Social Media Marketing Specialist for Education - Education Partnerships Manager - Educational Brand Manager Education Requirements: - Valid teaching degree and certification (K-12) Education Requirements Credential Category: - Teaching degree and certification Experience Requirements: - Minimum of 2 years of experience in a public school setting Why Work in Pojoaque, NM: - Pojoaque is a charming and picturesque area known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. - The cost of living in Pojoaque is lower compared to larger cities, allowing for a higher quality of life. - The community in Pojoaque is tight-knit and supportive, providing a welcoming and inclusive environment. - Pojoaque offers a peaceful and serene setting, ideal for those who appreciate a slower pace of life. - With its proximity to Santa Fe, Pojoaque provides access to cultural and artistic attractions, as well as a vibrant food and music scene.

Employment Type: Contractor

Salary: $50000.00 Per Year

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Posted on Sep 20
Marketing Lead

Pojoaque, NM

Remote (Friendly)

50,000 Per Year