Posted on Dec 10

"Just My Height"Hospital Style Bed

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Boston, GA
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"Just My Height" is a home-style hospital bed. THERE IS NOTHING AT ALL WRONG WITH THE BED. I BOUGHT A KING-SIZED BED SO I COULD SHARE THE COMFORT WITH MY WIFE. The Matress has never been layed upon. Two weeks before this bed arrived (a much later ship date was given when purchased.) That mattress was laid atop this mattress. It raises so the bed changer doesn't have to bend over to make the bed. It should always be in a low position to sleep in case of the bed occupier rolls out of bed. IT DOES NOT HAVE SIDE RAILS. The foot of the bed raises for the elevation of the feet and legs. The "perfect" sleeping position for the most comfortable rest/sleep one can ask for is to have the head and foot raised with the person in bed is "cradled."

Pictures could not be loaded because of the posting pictures were larger than specified. If interested, I can email pictures (they will email.) This bed has been in use a year, give or take a month. The final cost after the freight truck charge came to $6,330. I ask for $1,500, a reasonable charge. There is a cordless remote. Pick up here at my address. Robert D. Plymale

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